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Welcome to the FunkyFactions Webstore!
Here you can find packages such as donor ranks, kits, crate keys, and 
much more! If you have any questions or concerns before making a purchase,
please review the F.A.Q below, or as a staff member in-game! Remember to
check the FunkyFactions Webstore actively as sales are frequent.
What if I don't have PayPal?
Don't have a paypal account? No worries. Paypal is a leading secure payment
processor used by thousands daily, and we allow guest checkouts on our
payment settings! To pay directly with a credit card, upon checking out click
"Guest Checkout" on the Paypal checkout page. You'll be directed to a direct 
credit card payment, without having to use a paypal account!
What is the FunkyFactions Refund Policy?
We have a very strict "no refunds" policy. When you donate, you agree to our 
Terms of Service. If your credit card provider or bank forces us to issue a refund, 
we may take legal action against you. Remember, FunkyFactions is a business, and 
operates as such.
Anything I should know before finalizing my purchase?
All payments are final.
Usernames are CaSe SeNsAtIvE.
It may take up to 15 minutes to receive your rank / item.
FunkyFactions is not affiliated with Minecraft and/or Mojang AB